Component Control

AMP conduct In-Line quality control on all produced Lots.

AMP always conduct Line-Clearance, followed by visual and measurement control at a minimum of one-hour intervals. AMP conduct measurement and tests of components with a full report as specified by the customer. AMP can offer deliveries with certificates.

AMP as amongst others the following equipment.

  • Ziess O-inspect, tactile and video measuring machine.

Programmable measuring control of components and mould parts.

  • Nikon video measuring machine.

Manual measuring control of components and mould parts.

  • Macbeth 3100 Colour-eye.

Colour control of the moulded part.

  • Mantis measuring microscope.

Visual control of the moulded components.

  • PerkinElmer IR Spektrometer.

Infer-red test of process material and moulded components.