There are various technologies in the field of injection moulding, which each demand their own Know How.

AMP A/S has available various technologies besides 1K injection moulding – such as:

  • X-Melt

Injection moulding of micro plastic components by the X-melt injection moulding process.
The technology X-Melt is based on utilising the energy that is present in the process material, after compression during the plastification. The energy is released into the cavities with an explosive force. The process enables high precession moulding and is exceptional for moulding micro plastic components.

  • 2K

In the 2K moulding process two different process materials are used.
The 2K technology is where two injection units are used for injection moulding two different process materials into the cavity, typically a hard and soft material.

  • Insert Moulding.

AMP A/S insert mould different parts such as, filter paper, metal parts metal tubes, silver and gold.
Insert moulding is a technology where a metal part is placed in the cavity, and over-moulded with a plastic material by the use of traditional injection moulding.

Has your company a demand for other moulding technologies, AMP A/S is always open for new opportunities and ides.